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Reckoning (Jack Dahlish Book 6) by Tim Rangnow

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Reckoning Jack Dahlish Book 6 Tim Rangnow

Old enemies return to seek revenge.

During a dinner date, Jack Dahlish is attacked by an assassin that no one else can see. Saved at the last minute by an unexpected ally, he is driven to discover more about the seemingly invisible Nox that tried to kill him.

That search takes him deep into the swamps of Louisiana in a hunt for a voodoo ceremony, where he discovers an old friend in dire need of his help. Jack soon learns that the enemies who sent the assassin after him are people he has encountered before.

And they’re not going to stop until he’s dead or they are.

Reckoning by Tim Rangnow (Jack Dahlish Book 6)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 276 KB

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