Resist the Darkness by Ryan Casey

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Resist the Darkness A Post Apo Ryan Casey

A devastating EMP. A powerless world. A ruthless enemy…
On New Year’s Eve, life changed forever. A devastating EMP tore across the nation, leaving society in ruin. There is no hope. There is only chaos.
Six months on, after a harrowing and tragic conflict, Aoife is living at a new community. But life is far from straightforward. Food supplies are dwindling. Virus and disease ravage the population. And Aoife herself is torn up with guilt, haunted by visions from the past.

But everything changes when a mysterious survivor arrives with promising news: a safe haven, with a thriving community, just a matter of miles away.
Will Aoife and the group find the salvation they are searching for? Or are there more secrets hiding in the darkness?
And in a world where supplies are limited, just who can be trusted?

Resist the Darkness by Ryan Casey (Survive the Darkness #3)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 262 KB

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