Rum Rat by Mike Mitchell

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Rum Rat Mike Mitchell

The Indian Ocean – March 1965
On board the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Eagle, Petty Officer Al Slater struggles with his inner demons. Castigated by his crew mates for his drunken behavior, the Rum Rat becomes an accidental hero, saving a colleague from armed rebels and, in the process, obtaining a hidden haul of diamonds.

For Al, the diamonds are the opportunity he has been waiting for, and he dreams of the life they will provide for him; but first, he has to survive long enough to sell them…
Danger lurks on the horizon as the gems’ former owner swears vengeance against the sailor who stole from him, and chases him across the seas, from Aden to Beirut, and from Cyprus to Malta. Disaster looms ever closer, with the shadow of death hovering over the mighty carrier. As misfortune dogs his every step, Al struggles to keep his sanity. For all the promised reward of the gems, what use will they be if he loses his mind, or his life?

Rum Rat by Mike Mitchell (Once a Sailor #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 582 KB

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