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Ruthless by Mickey Hadick

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Ruthless Mickey Hadick

Samantha and her sister, Lori, are considered royalty in this suburb of Cleveland, as their grandfather has been mayor for 50 years, their uncle is the Chief of Police, and their aunt manages the city bank.

Everyone understands that the family can do no wrong.

But when Lori dies in a bizarre boating accident with a young man no one in her family had met, only Samantha wonders how she ended up dead in Lake Erie in the middle of the night.

The family worries more about political scandal than about their dead loved one. Even her father, a cop, assumes Lori was up to no good.

When Francine, a plucky reporter, digs into the story, the clues she discovers lead her down a path of death and mayhem. She and Samantha uncover sexual predators and a criminal conspiracy that is more than they can handle.

By working with the father of the young man who died with Lori in the boat, they draw the ire of the quiet suburb’s police force. The three of them must fight together to discover the truth.

But the truth takes them over the thin blue line into a battle for their lives.

Ruthless by Mickey Hadick
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 447 KB

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