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Saxon’s War by Richard Tongue

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Saxons War by Richard Tongue

Colonel William ‘Bill’ Saxon, commander of the first expedition to Titan, Wayfarer III, is lost in a freak accident, destined to drift through endless space for all eternity, his body preserved through an experimental process designed to suspend life, frozen on the edge of death for centuries. His story fades into history, then to myth, all but forgotten.

Until he is found by a salvage crew, plucked from oblivion and restored to life, to find that everything and everyone he knew is lost, Earth itself reduced to ruin by a devastating war, decades in the past, a shattered remnant of humanity fighting for survival on the moons of Saturn, worlds that his long-ago sacrifice helped create. Worlds on the verge of war, with the very survival of the human race at stake.

As the last outposts of humanity prepare to fight the final battle, the only hope for their survival rests in the hands of one man, a man from the distant past. Lost in time and space, Colonel Saxon must choose whether to save the future…or destroy it…

Saxon’s War by Richard Tongue
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 244 KB

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