Seeking Shadows by EA Cartwright

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Seeking Shadows

Humans on Kana live unaware of the Shadows holding their world together—and for good reason.
As a high reaper, it will become part of Branwen’s responsibilities to protect the Balance, should she be crowned. However, consistently demeaned by Taren, her bitter competition to the Nether throne, she struggles to feel confident in herself and the power she keeps hidden—until a reaper returns from Kana injured, speaking her rival’s name. When Taren joins forces with a pompous businessman hungry for invincibility, Kana quickly transforms into a deathtrap as humans unite under a common goal: no more reapers, no more death.
While starving reapers grow weaker and humans feel the consequences of a life with no end, Branwen sets out on a mission, navigating a world of technology to bring Taren to justice and restore the natural order. But an unlikely friend leads her to a discovery that there is more to the humans’ unified behaviour than meets the eye, and saving the worlds may no longer be so straightforward.
The problem is locked inside an old clocktower, and the solution hangs around Branwen’s neck.

Seeking Shadows by EA Cartwright
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 404 KB

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