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Serial Killers Canada by Matthew Clark

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Serial Killers Canada A Distu Matthew Clark

If You’ve Always Wondered about What Makes Serial Killers Kill, and What Makes Them Kill in the Way They Do, This Book Is for You.
Serial Killers are not always the first thing you think of them- as discussed in the book, they have common characteristics, but each presents a unique pattern, type of victims, and motives.

The brilliant introduction of the book gives you a general but clear idea about their psychological types, common childhood traumas, murder weapons, and the crime scenes they choose.

It’s a wonderful insight into the realistic psychology of serial killers- some murder for pleasure, some do so for gain. Not all of them leave clues, and they plan their crimes to be unidentifiable even years later.

Some kill for fame, and some kill for easing their childhood traumas. They never, however, kill for money.

In this book, you will learn about the most famous serial killers and mysterious cases that have been masterfully concealed or intentionally revealed by the killers.

You will learn about how they get started, and how they end up, what their childhoods were like, and what they fear the most.

You will find out how to spot serial killers, and what to expect from them as criminals.

If you’re ready to tune in with the most mind-bending stories about scandalous murders of all times…

Serial Killers Canada : A Disturbing Journey in the Most Shocking True Crime Stories in Canadian History by Matthew Clark
English | 2021 | Biography & Memoir | 687 KB

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