Seven Days After by Markus Chambers

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Seven Days After by Markus Chambers

On the day he graduates high school, Miles’ world comes to an end. Within hours, a flu-like sickness ravages the US, sending its entire population into a pitfall of doom, and leaving a nearly-helpless Miles to fend for himself.

Six months later, Miles has managed to survive, dedicating himself to overcoming his trauma and anxiety. When he reconnects with his longtime girlfriend, Alice, at a secure compound for survivors—a place he deems to be his newfound home—it seems the nightmare his life has become is over.

Until Alice is bit, and Miles realizes he must face his demons in order to save her. Having only seven days to travel eight hundred miles down the west coast in the heart of December, the two of them embark on the journey of a lifetime. But the blistering cold isn’t the only threat. Because in this new world, old laws don’t apply.

Seven Days After by Markus Chambers
English | 2022 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 635 KB

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