Shadow Kill by David Caris

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John Kovac is a lethal operative, a “shadow ghost” who moves from city to city erasing stubborn problems.
Dispatched to Tokyo to kill a yakuza boss, Kovac plans it as a drowning. But the target gives him the slip, and in an instant the entire job spirals out of control. Kovac’s on the run and in the crosshairs.

When a young woman becomes a pawn in this deadly game, Kovac senses a chance to make up for past crimes. But Kovac is going up against an operative who seems eerily familiar: a hitman who knows his skillset, his protocols, even his past. Every man has a price. Every man has an expiry date. John Kovac’s employer just settled on both.

Shadow Kill by David Caris (John Kovac Thriller #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 308 KB

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