Shattering Justice by Silla Webb

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Shattering Justice by Silla Webb

From USA Today Bestselling Author Silla Webb comes a tragic Romantic Suspense based on a true crime event.

My life never held a trace of hope.
Convicted at birth to serve a life sentence of injustice, I fought a battle for happiness that I couldn’t afford.
My world was full of hatred and danger at every turn; I was married to a criminal after all. There was a time when my heart was consumed with the love I felt for Harlan. But one brutal assault made me realize Harlan made my already painful life more difficult.

But there was no escaping him.

When I was offered the opportunity to become a confidential informant for the FBI, I voraciously agreed. It was my only way out of the destitute life that broke me down inside and out.
He would save me. Protect me from the affliction of which I suffered.


He didn’t.
He made promises he couldn’t keep, and I believed his every word.
Trusting that his protection would be enough when it wasn’t.

Falling in love is supposed to be beautiful … uninhibited.
If I’ve learned anything in my short life, it’s that love is raw and reckless. Once your heart grows weak, love will deliver the final blow and leave you completely shattered.

Shattering Justice by Silla Webb
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 272 KB

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