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She Never Left by CM Harris

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She Never Left by CM Harris

SOMETHING IS STIRRING IN THE HEART OF ILLINOIS Cousins and writing partners Jane and TJ have carved out new lives for themselves amidst the skyscrapers of Chicago, a far cry from their isolated hometown of Ketchum. Neither has returned since the night TJ’s childhood crush, Evie, disappeared into the woods in a flash of amber light. Along with Jane’s classmate-turned-stalker, Lincoln, they were the last people to see her alive. When TJ’s writer’s block threatens both their careers, they agree to attend their high school reunion in the hopes of reigniting her creative inspiration. But Lincoln is still waiting.

He remembers the night that claimed Evie like it was yesterday and the woods have been whispering to him ever since. As Jane and TJ arrive home, the voices call to him again, hissing three solitary words… She is here.

She Never Left by CM Harris
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.4 MB

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