Solace by Bethany Adams

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A lady without a purpose.

After the death of her soulbonded twenty years ago, Lynia has struggled to find her place. Her son, Lyr, has the estate well in hand, and there are no pressing duties for her to attend. Aside from keeping peace between their many visitors and ignoring her growing attraction to the cranky healer, her days blur into uncomfortable monotony. Not even her work doing research brings much excitement. Then an unexpected prophesy shoves her into sudden action—and the healer’s company—as a plague threatens all she holds dear.

A healer without hope.

For nearly five centuries, Lial has treated injured warriors and residents around Braelyn, but not even the small friendships he has formed can fill the increasing loneliness of his life. Worse, he made the mistake of falling in love with Lynia, who still mourns the soulbonded she lost. He buries himself in work to avoid her, but it seems the gods have other plans. According to his seer cousin, a new disease is coming, one capable of killing elves and fae alike. Lial’s only hope? Working with Lynia to find a cure.

An ancient threat.

While fighting to ignore their attraction, Lial and Lynia must search for answers. Deep in Moranaia’s history, there are murmurs of such a plague, but finding the details is no easy matter—especially when a mysterious assassin strikes near the heart of Braelyn. As Lyr hunts for the traitor, Lial and Lynia scramble to unlock the mystery of the virus. But the two events may be more related than they realize, and failure can bring only one thing—death.

Solace by Bethany Adams (The Return of the Elves #8)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1 MB

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