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Spellwood Academy Series by Kate Avery Ellison (1-4)

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Kate Avery Ellison lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and two spoiled (but extremely lovable) cats. She loves dark chocolate, fairy tale retellings, and love stories with witty banter and sizzling, unspoken feelings. When she isn’t working on her next writing project, she can be found reading, watching one of her favorite TV shows, working on an endless list of DIY household projects, or hanging out with friends.

1. Spellwood Academy– It all started when I almost died.
First, I was healed from my wounds by a mysterious stranger.
Two weeks later, a letter was delivered to my house by smoke and spiders. A letter inviting me to a place called Spellwood Academy.
Turns out, I’m half mortal, half fae. My mother and grandmother have been keeping secrets my whole life. Who my father really is, where I’m really from. Now, in order to stay safe from whoever is trying to kill me, they’re sending me to a magical boarding school for those of both fae and mortal blood.
Everyone has to join a society at Spellwood. There’s Toadcurdle for the students who like machinery and nerdy games, Dewdrop for those who prefer cupcakes and books to adventure, Stormtongue for the clever who drink tea and debate mermaid philosophy, Flameforge for the brave and fearless, and Briar and Basilisk for the snobby elites.
There’s a lot of things to remember besides the school’s rulebook—Don’t go into the crypt at night. Don’t go in the labyrinth ever. Don’t attend any Basilisk parties (they’re dangerous). Don’t attend any Toadcurdle parties (they’re boring). Don’t go into the south woods alone at night. Don’t go into the west woods alone in the winter. In fact, avoid being in the woods alone at all times.
And absolutely no spells, charms, or curses allowed on school grounds.
My room is at the top of a vine-covered tower with a winding staircase, like I’m Cinderella or something. The headmaster has feathered wings like an angel, and my roommate keeps asking me why we mortals set our birthday cakes on fire. A beautiful, golden-skinned fae prince from the sun court is relentlessly pursuing me, but I can’t stop thinking about Lucien, the boy with dark hair and antlers whose golden-green eyes that pin me in place whenever he looks at me.
I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing.

2. Briar Blood – Kyra is still alive.
But after a harrowing assassination attempt and a shocking revelation leaves her reeling, Kyra must rally her courage and use every bit of her wits to figure out what’s going on, and who wants her dead.
She has new secrets to keep.
New roles to learn.
And Spellwood Academy’s annual, secret War Between the Societies is about to begin! Winner gains access to an area of Spellwood that holds the answer to a secret.
Kyra needs Briar to win.
Meanwhile, other things are distracting her… namely, a certain elite princ

3. Hollowfell Huntress – Half-human, half-fae Kyra Solschild still doesn’t know who wants her dead, but she’s getting closer to the truth. With a clue in hand, she is determined to uncover the identity of the enemy sending assassins after her.
Lucien pretends he feels nothing for Kyra after cutting things off without explanation, but the fiery kisses they exchange in shadowed corners suggest that he still wants her. Can the dark prince of Spellwood be trusted?
And as the days grow colder and the autumnal fae holiday of Hollowfell approaches, something disastrous is happening on Spellwood Academy’s campus.
Something… someone… has come hunting.

4. Ghost Society – After the events of Hollowfell, Spellwood’s security has been doubled, and Kyra Solschild is in a haze of depression from the loss of Lucien. To make matters worse, Lucien’s best friend, Tryst, made Lucien a promise to look after Kyra. She’s not happy about his sudden shadowing of her everywhere, and neither is Tryst.
Meanwhile, all of Spellwood is prepping for the Wintertide Ball, the biggest celebration of the school year. The campus is covered in snow. Music and the smell of cinnamon float through the air. And some people are keeping secrets.
Kyra has almost begun to adjust to her new normal when she uncovers a shocking secret about where Lucien has gone…

Spellwood Academy Series by Kate Avery Ellison (1-4)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 1 MB

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