Still Not Dead by Charles Levin

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STILL NOT DEAD A Sam Sunborn N Charles Levin

Sam Sunborn is dead. But is he really? Sam is not physically here, and his wife Monica resents him for deserting her and leaving their son fatherless. Yet, from the digital beyond and with Monica’s reluctant help, he’s dead set on stopping the most diabolical terrorist scheme the world has ever known.
Ashaki LaSalam has escaped from prison with the help of her lover, a mob boss with vast resources and a deadly secret. And Ashaki is bent on revenge after the U.S. left her Kurdish mother to be raped and killed when America abandoned its Mideast allies. With a revolutionary neural weapon that can erase anyone’s memories forever, she launches devastating mass amnesia attacks, first on political leaders and then entire cities. Can America survive this mad assault on our minds?

Still Not Dead by Charles Levin (Sam Sunborn 4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 485 KB

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