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Sting by Jo Hamilton

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Sting by Jo Hamilton 1

A fifteen-year-old school girl is found dead.
The cause of death was bee stings that she was known to be allergic to. But why she was found on an isolated New Zealand beach where there weren’t any hives remains a mystery. And why was she out there alone, miles away from her home?

Detective Sergeant Matai Cage, a sharp-tongued charmer, is having the worst day ever. He’s assigned to work the case with eccentric and difficult Detective Inspector Val Shackleton, an amateur entomologist. The CIB-Criminal Investigation Branch wait eagerly for her to retire, yet they cannot deny she’s one of the leading crime solvers in the country.
Together, they discover a high school culture of bullying and body shaming that the fifteen-year-old was a victim of.
Can Shackleton and Cage stop the killer before another teenager falls victim to a cruel and sadistic death?

Sting by Jo Hamilton (Shackleton & Cage #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 205 KB

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