Strong and Lean by Mark Lauren, Joshua Clark

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Strong and Lean by Mark Lauren Joshua Clark

Strong and Lean–Mark Lauren’s follow-up to his bestselling book–You Are Your Own Gym–uses two decades of unparalleled experience to accomplish what most people thought impossible: The ability to immediately begin your workout wherever you are–from living rooms to hotel rooms to yards–and finish 9 minutes later.

In the age of isolation, a great workout plan that doesn’t require any gym equipment is invaluable. Lauren provides a regimen that will help you achieve a stronger, leaner body in only a few weeks. Strong and Lean features a philosophy backed by Lauren’s intense personal experiences–ones that speak to every man and woman–along with his military experience.

With Mark Lauren’s workout, you can now achieve your most muscular and lean body with an incredibly small sacrifice of time.

Strong and Lean: 9-Minute Daily Workouts to Build Your Best Body: No Equipment, Anywhere, Anytime by Mark Lauren, Joshua Clark
English | 2021 | Healthcare & Fitness | 231 MB

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