Swords of Empire by Robert Ryan

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Swords of Empire by Robert Ryan

They killed him. They stole his power. They split his empire into chiefdoms. But he foretold a day when his descendant would rise against their sorcery…
Shar was no ordinary girl. Her clan was the Fen Wolves, a poor tribe that dwelt in the marshes. Yet she meant to bring them glory.

She was a young warrior, but few men could stand against her. If they were strong, she was fast. If they were skilled, she was more adept. If they sought to intimidate her, she defied them. But now her chance of a new life had come.

The shamans announced the Quest of Swords where fortune seekers searched for the fabled blades of the long-dead emperor. None had ever found them. She vowed to change that.
Yet the shamans kept a secret. The swords were not meant to be found, and the quest was a trap. Dark sorcery guarded the blades, for any who could wield them were of the emperor’s blood. And they must be killed…

Swords of Empire by Robert Ryan (The Shaman’s Sword #1)
English | 2022 | Fantasy | 221 KB

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