Terraform by Brian Merchant, Claire L. Evans

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Terraform by Brian Merchant Claire L Evans

Terraform hones the predictive capacity of science fiction and seeks new, vivid, and visceral ways to depict the future we’re hurtling toward, translating the decay and anxiety that surround us into something else, something unexpected, something that burns like a beacon and upends the conventional ideas of where we’ll end up next.

Section by section—Watch/Worlds/Burn—the book takes on surveillance, artificial intelligence, and climate collapse. With a potent roster of established names and rising talents—from Bruce Sterling, Ellen Ullman, Cory Doctorow, Jeff VanderMeer, and Omar El Akkad, to E. Lily Yu, Elvia Wilk, Fernando Flores, Tochi Onyebuchi, and Gus Moreno—it confronts the issues that orbit our everyday existence, and takes them to unsettling dimensions.

Introduction: You are a Luddite, by Cory Doctorow
Busy, by Omar El Akkad
One Day, I Will Die on Mars, by Paul Ford
Moved, by Chloe Cole
Flyover Country, by Tim Maughan
Warning Signs, by Emily J. Smith
#Civilwarvintage, by Nan Craig
WPO, by Joanne Mcneil
Blue Monday, by Laurie Penny
User Settings, by Sam Biddle
Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company, by Kevin Nguyen
Exemption Packet, by Rose Eveleth
Gynoid, Preserved, by Malon Edwards
The End of Big Data, by James Bridle
Across the Border, by Sahil Lavingia
The Prostitute, by Max Wynne
Ernest, by Geoff Manaugh

Editor’s Note, by Claire L. Evans
From Fire, by Frankie Ochoa
The Fog, by Elvia Wilk
Tropical Premises, by Peter Milne Greiner
Reach, by Mattie Lubchansky
Plantation|Springtime, by Lia Swope Mitchell
A Song for You, by Jennifer Marie Brissett
The Counselor, by Robin Sloan
Hysteria, by Meg Elison
Drones to Ploughshares, by Sarah Gailey
The Duchy of the Toe Adam, by Lincoln Michel
Parse. Error. Reset., by Wole Talabi
Two People, by Gus Moreno
Who’s a Good Boy?, by Marlee Jane Ward
Jim, by Malcolm Harris
Science Fiction Ideas, by Tao Lin
Mall School, by Porpentine Charity Heartscape
Trojan Horses, by Jess Zimmerman
Devolution, by Ellen Ullman

Editor’s Note, by Brian Merchant
An Incomplete Timeline of What We Tried, by Debbie Urbanski
Death and Other Gentrifying Neighborhoods, by Sam J. Miller
Mammoth Steps, by Andrew Dana Hudson
The Wretched and the Beautiful, by E. Lily Yu
Reunion, by Shannon Chamberlain
Nothing Takes the Place of You, by Fernando A. Flores
The Binding of Isaac, by Tochi Onyebuchi
Dream Job, by Seamus Sullivan
Headshot, by Julian Mortimer Smith
Zombie Capitalism, by Tobias Buckell
The Brain Dump, by Bruce Sterling
Virtual Snapshots, by Tlotlo Tsamaase
The River, by Tori Cárdenas
Hypercane, by Eric Holthaus
One Thousand Cranes, by Zora Mai Quỳnh
Always Home, by Jeff Vandermeer
U Wont Remember Dying, by Russell Nichols

Terraform by Brian Merchant, Claire L. Evans (Editors)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 23 MB

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