That Time in Paris by Logan Ryles

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That Time in Paris A Wolfgang Logan Ryles

They’re like the Mission Impossible Team, but for hire.
Wolfgang Pierce is an elite member of SPIRE—an espionage-for-hire service with no limits. He’s proven himself as a sharp and effective operator, executing corporate espionage jobs for whoever can pay SPIRE’s heft fees. The work is interesting, but the excitement has worn off.

Then Wolfgang is offered a slot on Charlie Team, one of SPIRE’s elite units that specializes in more complex jobs. The position offers all the thrills he craves, but carries no shortage of risk—a slot is only open because the last guy didn’t make it back alive. Charlie Team’s first mission will take them to Paris, where an undercover CIA agent is working to infiltrate a known terrorist organization, and prevent an attack. The Team must protect the agent and assist in his mission, all while remaining invisible.
Wolfgang is eager to prove himself, but his fellow operators aren’t easy to impress, and this mission is a lot more complex than advertised. With time running out and the lives of millions on the line, Wolfgang may be in over his head.
Only one thing is certain – failure isn’t an option.

That Time in Paris by Logan Ryles
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 283 KB

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