The Bitter Fruit by Frank Kennedy

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The Bitter Fruit by Frank Kennedy

Know your enemy. Beware your friends.
Since they joined forces, the crew of the warship Scylla and the young immortals of Aeterna have learned from each other. They have shared technology and combat techniques as they prepare to search for the Inventor, Amayas Knight. Yet plans can be so easily undone.

Aeterna, a unique world terraformed into a paradise, holds many secrets. Its leader, Michael Cooper, knows far more than he lets on. As Michael struggles to hold everything together on Aeterna, Kara Syung and the Scylla crew ask difficult questions. The answers may reveal an alliance built on a dangerous foundation.
Meanwhile, conflict in two universes has converged on Hokkaido, where three Swarm warships threaten Pinchon. Bonju Taron tries desperately to save his son Moon, while hoping the immortal assassin Royal can rescue the remainder of his family across the great divide.

Daring showdowns, unexpected twists and turns, and ultimate sacrifice will unite everyone in a critical battle to chart the future of multiple universes.

The Bitter Fruit by Frank Kennedy (Beyond the Impossible #6)
English | 2022 | Fantasy | 347 KB

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