The Blood Flower by Alex Reeve

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The Blood Flower by Alex Reeve

1883. Leo Stanhope, transgender journalist and amateur detective, and his wife Rosie have come to Portsmouth – but this is no simple seaside retreat. While Rosie’s sister expects them for dinner, two young people have been killed by the docks.

Having learned from experience, Leo wants to leave this to the police. When detectives dismiss the victims as only ‘molly-lads’ and misfits, though, he knows he has to help. But what connects the two victims, a boy from the streets and a young woman with a strange tattoo? And why is Leo himself being watched?

As he begins to uncover a web of theft and secrets surrounding the murders, Leo’s investigation draws him deeper into Portsmouth’s underground nightlife, the dangers of the Navy dockyard – and uncomfortably close to the in-laws he had just begun to get to know.

Can he find the truth without losing his chosen family? Just how much will he risk to bring the right people to justice?

The Blood Flower by Alex Reeve (A Leo Stanhope Case #4)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 966 KB

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