The Canal Murders by Christina James

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The Canal Murders by Christina James

In England’s East Midlands, a harried police detective juggles multiple cases that soon reveal the depths of human depravity . . .
DI Tim Yates has been following up for months on reports of missing farm machinery—with no success—when a local farmer and philanthropist is physically assaulted. Could this be a lead? If so, it doesn’t take Yates very far, since the victim, Jack Fovargue, refuses to accept any help.

Meanwhile, there’s a more urgent case to attend to—a decapitated body has been found in the Fossdyke Canal. This may be the first clue that finally connects a series of recent disappearances: a paper girl out on her rounds; a prostitute abducted off the street; an immigrant woman who vanished after stepping off a bus. After frogmen find two more corpses in the canal, and Yates’s researcher wife notes a similarity to a long-ago case someone is already in prison for, the situation starts becoming as murky as the canal itself . .

The Canal Murders by Christina James (The Fen Murder Mysteries)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 697 KB

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