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The Coldest War by Chip Riggs

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The Coldest War The Henry Enge Chip Riggs

Berlin, 1965. Henry Engel, the CIA’s top man in West Germany, is called back to Washington to receive the most painful of assignments: find the mole who betrayed the Agency and Henry’s father Conrad, leading to Conrad’s death on a rainy Moscow street at the hands of the KGB.

But as Henry takes up his father’s mole hunt and searches for the traitor who’s been leaking America’s secrets to the enemy, an investigation that takes him deep behind the Iron Curtain and deep into the well of memories of his troubled relationship with his father, he must protect his own secrets and confront a devastating truth: it’s only those closest to us who can truly betray our trust.

A book about fathers, sons…and spycraft.

The Coldest War by Chip Riggs (The Henry Engel #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 301 KB

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