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The Complete Goddess Daughter Trilogy by D.C. McElroy

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The Complete Goddess Daughter T DC McElroy

Over three months in the fall of 2021, the first trilogy in D.C. McElroy’s innovative new fantasy series plunged readers into an immersive world of myth, magic, intrigue and adventure. Now available for the first time as an eBook collection, The Complete Goddess Daughter trilogy is your passport to a ground-breaking fantasy epic: The Darbas Cycle.

In Book No. 1, Chene, Chene Viqar narrates the tale of her awakening to the deeper truths beneath the surface of Gwynyrian society — and their explosive role in her unexplained past. In Book No. 2, Llyr, the province teeters on the brink of bloody civil war as Chene’s investigation forces her to confront the first principle of the banned Order of Morkwa: The important things are always hidden. And in Book No. 3, Gwynyr, Chene and her allies must fight for the future of their highland home — the last stronghold of the Goddess-worshipping Old Path faith — in a world fractured by the proxy conflicts of dueling overseas empires.

Read The Complete Goddess Daughter Trilogy and get on board for the rollout of Trilogy No. 2 in The Darbas Cycle. Book No. 4 in the series, Ta Nupa, arrives in early 2022.

The Complete Goddess Daughter Trilogy by D.C. McElroy
English | 2021 | Epic Fantasy | 1.6 MB

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