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The Copycat by Gavin Reese

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The Copycat by Gavin Reese

A priest in a historic London church has again heard confessions from a man who wants to be a new Jack the Ripper. Although he’s confessed to the brutal killings of several women in the city’s famed East End, there’s never been a body that proved his crimes. Until now…

Michael Thomas is still recovering from a recent assignment in Paris that nearly claimed his life when the news from London calls him back into action. Unable to turn the suspect over to police, Michael and a team of covert Vatican agents rush to stop the murders. With the body count increasing, Michael and his team struggle to uncover the evidence they need to save the serial killer’s next victims. If Michael is to stop London’s latest monster, he and his team will have to risk their lives and their own salvation.

As the memories of recent victims cry out for justice, the killer turns on the team and threatens Michael with a fate far worse than death. Strap in and prepare yourself for The Copycat, the fourth novel in The Michael Thomas Series. USA Today Bestselling Author Gavin Reese delivers another action packed thriller that is perfect for fans of Lee Child, Dan Brown, and Jack Carr.

The Copycat by Gavin Reese (Michael Thomas #4)
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