The Dark and Its Charms by V.J. Chambers

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The Dark and Its Charms a seri V. J. Chambers 1

Liam Emerson spent six weeks trapped in a dog crate in an underground bunker, tormented and taunted by Phineas Slater.
Now, Phineas is behind bars, charged with four grisly murders, and Liam is cooperating with the authorities to make sure he never gets out. Now, Liam is free.
Or, he should be. But Liam has known Phineas for a long time. Their history stretches back nearly twenty years, to when Phineas was his larger-than-life college roommate. Phineas initiated Liam into a world of forbidden pleasures and delicious risks. Liam admired Phineas. He envied Phineas. He was dazzled by Phineas. Phineas wormed his way inside Liam all that time ago, and he’s never really left, not truly. Liam can’t escape him, no matter how hard he tries, no matter what numbing opiates he ingests or how liberally he douses himself in liquor.
When Phineas escapes prison, it’s almost a relief.
At least now, Liam has a reason to be obsessed with him.
At least now, he has an excuse to go after him.

The Dark and Its Charms by V.J. Chambers
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 270 KB

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