The Dead of False Creek by Sarah M Stephen

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The Dead of False Creek Sarah M Stephen

He chases crooks. She dusts off maps. With important men vanishing, can one key document prevent death?
Vancouver, 1897. Jack Winston refuses to let his bloodline decide his vocation. Keeping his family connections secret as he joins the Constabulary, the rising detective works hard to make a name for himself on his own merit. But when he investigates a missing young lawyer, he’s shocked to find his own journal connects him to a woman claiming to be from the future.
Vancouver, 2017. Riley Finch adores history. With life pulling friends and family further away, the archivist throws herself into her new position cataloging police files from the nineteenth century. And her excitement with her research bears thrilling results when she finds a way to contact a policeman from the past.

Despite his well-founded suspicions, Winston still struggles to wring answers out of his list of prime suspects. And as Riley risks her job to unearth useful information, she’s inexplicably drawn to Jack’s great-grandson but forced to keep both men in the dark.
Can the pair forge a partnership across decades and solve an impenetrable crime?

The Dead of False Creek by Sarah M Stephen (Journal Through Time Mysteries #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 384 KB

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