The Death Club by Rick Wood

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The Death Club

Will Coady has failed as a teacher, a husband, and a man. He will not fail as a father.
Will is a miserable teacher with a wife that hates him. Just as he thinks that life can’t get any worse, an unstable student becomes obsessed with him. As she goes to more drastic lengths to show her love, he wonders how far this girl is willing to go to…

Will’s daughter, Harper, is a lonely teenager who doesn’t fit in, desperate for someone to love her – then she meets a boy online. Someone who cares for her, and that she can rely on. But does Harper really know who it is she’s talking to… It’s been years since father and daughter grew apart – but now they need each other more than ever. Will they find a way to reconnect in time, or will their family be destroyed before it’s too late?
As the story hurtles toward its destructive climax, neither of them can be prepared for how dangerous the situation will become…

The Death Club by Rick Wood
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 690 KB

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