The Deceiving Jury by Freya Atwood

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The Deceiving Jury by Freya Atwood

The star of Hollywood is found dead and this lawyer is the only one who can find the truth.

Lawyer Penelope Moore has just scored her biggest case. But she definitely didn’t anticipate having to defend the main suspect for the murder of the biggest Hollywood star. Neither did she anticipate the fame that follows…
But someone is desperately trying to stop her. And when she gets attacked inside her own house, the man who saves her suddenly dissapears without a trace…

The Deceiving Jury is an exciting blood-pumping legal thriller, written by Freya Atwood and published by Cobalt Fairy.
If you are an avid fan of strong characters, action packed courtroom drama, and mind blowing murder mystery, then you’ll love Freya’s intriguing story.

The Deceiving Jury by Freya Atwood (Penelope Moore #1)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 719 KB

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