The Eternal Guardian by Cliff Allister

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The Eternal Guardian by Cliff Allister

The battle for Sol has been won, the Zelkans have been crushed, and Earth is gradually being integrated into the Krayt hegemony. Everything seems to be taking a turn for the better. But still open and hidden, known and unknown, dangers lurk!

The Center Powers will eventually appear in the Sol system to demand accountability for the possession of the Golden Nova – with unforeseen consequences…
There is still resistance to Earth’s incorporation into the Hegemony, and some consider Mireille Bernard a traitor and dictator – and are ready to take action…

And when a mysterious entity suddenly appears that no one knows about and that has never been reckoned with, the cards in the galactic power game are reshuffled.
Who is this Eternal Guardian and what role does it play in the struggle for the inheritance of the First?

The Eternal Guardian by Cliff Allister (The Hegemony of Krayt #3)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 254 KB

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