The Evil Inside by Marc Layton

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The Evil Inside by Marc Layton

There’s an evil inside, waiting to break free…
For Denise, getting a creaky old house in the heartland of Montana as part of her divorce settlement is just what she needs. She’ll be able to work remotely while fixing up her ex’s family house and it will be the perfect fresh start for her two children. But soon after moving in their life takes a much darker turn.

Denise’s troubled son unearths a mysterious collection of Nazi memorabilia, and her 17-year-old psychic daughter starts receiving strange premonitions.
Old family secrets lie waiting to be discovered and a terrifying supernatural force yearns to be released … and all it needs to escape is a naive young boy with a mind it can corrupt.

The Evil Inside by Marc Layton
English | 2022 | Fantasy | 411 KB

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