The Fiend in the Flames by Joseph Kiel

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The Fiend in the Flames by Joseph Kiel

There’s a new stranger in Dark Harbour and he’s seen the end… of everything.
With the seaside town reeling from recent traumas, the vigilante organisation Halo of Fires is still picking up the pieces. Last year’s triumph came at great cost, and two of their central operatives remain out of action.
And now an old shadow, known only as Rus, has turned up to make matters even worse. Telling a devastating tale of betrayal, Rus has dark secrets to spill concerning members of the Fires, and a revenge of his own to realise.

But the Fires are about to pick another battle. When a dying denizen of Dark Harbour approaches them with a fresh mandate, to rid the town of the criminal nemesis who has lurked in the shadows for decades, master of the Fires Henry Maristow can’t shake the feeling they might have the very weapon that could help them achieve this suicidal aim.

That weapon, a treasure they salvaged from the sea last year, sent the commander of his troops into a spiral of madness, and will inevitably lead Henry to ruin as well. But when the revelation of an ancient prophecy spells disaster for the town, the Fires know they have no choice but to wield that power once more.

The Fiend in the Flames by Joseph Kiel (The Dark Harbour Tales #3)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 554 KB

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