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The Final Cut by Craig DiLouie

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The Final Cut Craig DiLouie

Infection turned the world into a slaughterhouse. Months later, America is exhausted and dying, its military stalled in the fight to save what’s left.

In the ruins of a West Virginia town, a band of survivors count their losses after a horrific battle to secure a pure sample of Infection. Their destination: “Fort Doom,” USAMRIID, the Army’s germ warfare laboratory, which is under siege.

With humanity facing the possibility of extinction, the Army wants to use the sample to build a doomsday weapon against Infection. One scientist hopes to control Infection; another believes she can cure it. And outside the fort’s walls, a lone survivor offers a new way to survive what’s coming. Each will choose how far they’ll go to survive and what they’re willing to lose to save humanity.

The Final Cut by Craig DiLouie (The Infection #3)
English | 2021 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 358 KB

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