The Foundling by M.K. Farrar

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The Foundling by M K Farrar

Across an East London park, the wail of a newborn cuts through the night…
When an abandoned baby wrapped in a bloodied blanket is discovered by a dog walker, a frantic search is on to find the mother.

This should be a simple case, but DI Erica Swift and her team quickly discover the blood isn’t a genetic match to the baby.
The finding raises more questions than answers.
Is the bloodied blanket a cry for help, or a clue?

The amount of blood is enough to cause Erica to fear for the safety of the mysterious victim and when an incident in the city is linked to a missing girl, the race is on to learn the truth.

The Foundling by M.K. Farrar (DI Erica Swift #9)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 325 KB

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