The Fuse by Stacy M. Jones

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The Fuse by Stacy M Jones

FBI Agents Kate Walsh and Declan James are on the hunt for a serial bomber targeting secret societies at Ivy Leagues schools and time is running out.

What at first appears to be a freak accident soon spirals into a terrifying situation as college students are killed by deadly explosions in the middle of the night. Their wealth and privilege cannot protect them and may be making them a target. What secrets do their members hold?

With sophisticated bombs and an unknown motive, Kate and Declan are as much hunters as they are prey. When they are targeted, they will stop at nothing to bring this killer to justice. But the bomber seems to be closely tracking the investigation and always one step ahead.
Even when Kate and Declan believe they know who it is, catching them is another near-impossible feat. Can the FBI and a task force of highly-trained law enforcement stop the bomber before they complete their deadly mission?

The Fuse by Stacy M. Jones (FBI Agent Kate Walsh #4)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 0.9 MB

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