The Girl Who Dreamed a War by Paul John Lyon

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The Girl Who Dreamed a War

When Elena Hayes’ daughter starts to draw disturbing images plucked from her dreams, it’s dismissed as a child’s reaction to the traumatic death of a friend. But soon those drawings become terrifying realities, and Elena must face up to the chilling truth that her child can see the future.

A future filled with violent and cataclysmic horrors, if her child’s most recent drawings are to be believed. A future that will see London devastated. A future that ends with the most terrifying event imaginable: nuclear annihilation.

Now, Elena must flee the city if she has any chance to save her daughter. But can disaster be outrun? Can she protect her child from a reality that shouldn’t be? Can the future be changed?

The Girl Who Dreamed a War by Paul John Lyon
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 862 KB

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