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The Golden Ellipse by John Hopkins

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Golden Ellipse The John Hopkins

Book One in The Powers That Be series, THE GOLDEN ELLIPSE, weaves humankind’s most enduring mysteries into a thrilling race against time to recover a legendary relic and save the world from an alien apocalypse. Fresh off a space tourism flight in 2044, newlyweds Rachel and Owen Haig are thrust on a perilous crusade while adjusting to married life and battling demons from Rachel’s past. Against formidable odds and malevolent forces from Earth and beyond, they join forces with an agent dispatched from a clandestine organization, The Powers That Be.
90,000 bc: Light Specters, aka foo fighters, erect a proto-pyramidic beacon on a desolate savannah to foster a nascent hominid species through its prehistory. A misanthropic faction from the spectral race splinters and conspires to silence the beacon’s signal by removing its infinite energy source, the golden ellipse.

1944 ad: After eons of failure, a German spy loots the golden ellipse from atop the beacon long since concealed far below the Great Pyramid, triggering a marauding universe to interpret silencing of the beacon’s signal as open season on Earth.
In the fog of world war, the looted golden ellipse changes hands until two American pilots hide it in the Libyan desert but experience disparate paranormal fates. The Powers That Be dispatches black-suited investigators in search of the pilots-and the solid gold enigma-but the trail goes cold.

2044 ad: Fresh off a white-knuckle space tourism touchdown in France, Rachel and Owen Haig’s honeymoon is hijacked by a ghost from Rachel’s ancestral past. The ethereal entity sends the couple on a dangerous odyssey across North Africa to recover the golden ellipse and replace it atop the beacon before time runs out. Culminating in a harrowing pitch-black descent through a labyrinthine maze underneath the Giza Plateau, their destiny collides with a psychopathic Egyptologist and a monstrous alien presence as invasion fleets breach the sky.
By the gripping conclusion, readers will be chomping at the bit for the next book in The Powers That Be series with eyes wide open and a unique new perspective on humankind’s place in the universe. Includes an excerpt from THE LOST SHIP, Book Two in The Powers That Be series.

The Golden Ellipse by John Hopkins (The Powers That Be Trilogy #1)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 4.5 MB

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