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The Hostage by John Ryder

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The Hostage by John Ryder

“You get us what we want. Or your wife dies. And we will make it hurt.”
Jerome Prentice is a good guy. Loyal to a fault, he always stays on the right side of the law.
But everything changes the night he is awoken by the sound of masked kidnappers entering his home. Holding him at gunpoint, they drag his beloved wife Alicia out of the house with a promise to kill her if he goes to the police. Their demand: betray the company he’s worked for his entire adult life.

They think he’ll do anything to save his wife. But they don’t know that they’re messing with the wrong man. Because Jerome might be a good guy. But betrayal doesn’t come easily to him. And he’s not a man who will go down without a fight.
What’s more, he will hunt the people who’ve taken Alicia to the ends of the earth. And if they’ve hurt even one hair on her head, he’s going to make them pay…

The Hostage by John Ryder
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 380 KB

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