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The Impostor’s Wife by A.K. Shattock

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The Impostors Wife A K Shattock

When psychiatrist Dr Diane Smith meets high-powered lawyer, Marie Webber, it becomes immediately apparent that the woman is suffering from some sort of mental breakdown. The man claiming to be her husband… is an impostor.

The night before, Marie had called the emergency services, regarding the kidnapping of her husband and the break in of a stranger. A stranger who insists he is her husband. Alongside Dr Smith, Detective Tobias Mitchell gets stuck into the case and it isn’t long before they discover that Marie has been harbouring secrets about her past.
Is Marie Webber delusional? Is she trustworthy, and if so, who is the man she now calls an impostor?

The Impostor’s Wife by A.K. Shattock
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 181 KB

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