The Indigo Solution by Patricia Rice

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The Indigo Solution by Patricia Rice

Can a no-nonsense lawyer and a capricious free spirit solve crime without murdering each other?

Evangeline Malcolm Carstairs, dog-walker and ghost-buster, has one goal—earning respect for her paranormal abilities. When ten-year-old Loretta Post walks into her Psychic Solutions Agency bearing two sad ghosts and claiming someone is trying to kill her, Evie is on the case.

When the child’s hunky guardian shows up to drag Loretta back to boarding school, Evie is not about to send the grieving child into possible danger. Besides, Loretta is a Malcolm and belongs with family—especially if someone murdered her parents.

Efficient, no-nonsense Savannah lawyer Jax Jackson normally investigates corporate fraud. Babysitting an errant ten-year-old has never been on his agenda—until his firm’s wealthy ward escapes school and heads straight for a family with a con-artist history dating to the 17th century.

Jax isn’t buying ghostly warnings, but when his investigations turn up land fraud in the small town Loretta’s parents once owned, he reluctantly relies on Evie’s insights—which puts them on a collision course with the town authorities and his own father.

The Indigo Solution by Patricia Rice
English | 2022 | Mystery | 1.2 MB

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