The Mages of Starsea by Kyle West

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The Mages of Starsea

A mage’s fate is worse than death… Lucian dreams of a new life outside the cesspool of Earth. Unfortunately, his wish comes true when the government identifies him as a mage. No one knows why the mages are being born. No one knows why their powers lead to madness and death in a terrifying disease known as “the fraying”. The only solution is to quarantine the mages in academies. Lucian is exiled from Earth and must attend the Volsung Academy. He is to become a Talent, a mage dedicated to developing his powers in service to the League of Worlds. But during the long voyage, he meets a mysterious sorceress. She prophesies Lucian is marked by the Manifold, the reality that is the source of all magic. It is a destiny that requires Lucian to master magical abilities he never imagined he possessed. He faces a terrible choice – to continue down the path fate has prescribed him. Or, to try and outrun destiny…

The Mages of Starsea by Kyle West
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 1 MB

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