The Masks of Strangers by Lina J. Potter

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The Masks of Strangers by Lina J Potter

The Coast of Avester. Enemies are everywhere—even the land itself is a foe. Here, letting down your guard is not an option.

A serial killer is at large in Laveri. A nobleman, he moves in the same circles as Miri and might be even talking to her. But when Anthory, Baron Lofrayne, also shows up in the capital of Ativerna, Lilian has to admit—she hates him much more than she might ever hate the killer.
In the end, she is kidnapped, her carriage stopped on the way to Castle Taral, her guards killed, and the countess herself locked on a ship headed for Avester.

How does one escape a vessel on the high seas, really?
You have to move, crawl on all fours, sail with every wind, use any chance you might get…and then, sooner or later, life will offer you its hand. And when it happens, go for it.

When the ship is attacked by pirates, Lilian, helped by a chance acquaintance hoping to get his own revenge on her, manages to escape in a rowboat and reach the shore. Alas, she is accompanied by the accursed Baron. Lofrayne is a far cry from a Prince Charming as which he seems to fancy himself—but then, Lily’s no a damsel in distress, either.
It’s not like she would want his or anyone’s rescue, anyway. It’s time to take her destiny into her own hands.

Lilian’s adventures in the Middle Ages continue in book 10 of A Medieval Tale.
A bestselling Amazon series by Lina J. Potter starts with a new page to prove that Lilian is strong enough to fight for her place in the world and her happiness no matter what. A #1 Amazon bestseller series in multiple categories continues with a new twist.

The Masks of Strangers: A Strong Woman in the Middle Ages (A Medieval Tale Book 10) by Lina J. Potter
English | 2021 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 533 KB

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