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The Mistakes We Deny by Meg Jolly

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The Mistakes We Deny

Join DI Ward for an explosive third instalment, perfect for fans of LJ Ross and JD Kirk.
Yorkshire’s golden boy is dead. And everyone’s glad.
When a local business tycoon is murdered, the sleepy town of Skipton is stunned. However, not all is as it appears. Behind the multi-millions, the business awards, and the flashy life is a man hated by everyone.
Daniel Ward soon has a line of suspects longer than a rush hour traffic jam on the A629. Yet, every enquiry he makes only leads to more questions and suspects, all of whom have shocking, scandalous, and shameful secrets they’re trying to keep. But which one is a murderer too? The team is scattered across Yorkshire chasing down answers, whilst overseas, there’s finally a breakthrough in the major Varga investigation. DI Ward must double down to not only bring the international crime lord to justice, but find the culprit responsible for murder too – before they kill again to cover their tracks.

The Mistakes We Deny by Meg Jolly (DI Daniel Ward #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 342 KB

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