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The New Friends by Daniel Hurst

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The New Friends A gripping psy Daniel Hurst

They are fun, wealthy, fabulous. Pray you never meet them.

Becky and Jamie are an ordinary hard-working couple trapped in the daily grind, dreaming of an easier life. On one of their rare vacations, they meet a wealthy couple, Phil and Mel, who seem to have it all – they are fun, well travelled, and very generous with their money.
But they are also very, very dangerous.
Because Phil and Mel are not who they say they are. And this is no random vacation friendship, they have chosen Jamie and Becky carefully, seducing them with the promise of a lifestyle just like theirs.

By the time Jamie and Becky realise what their new friends really want, it’s too late, they’ve lost everything, their hopes and dreams lie shattered.
The only question now is how far will they go to get even?

The New Friends – the stunning psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Passenger, The Boyfriend, The Promotion.

The New Friends by Daniel Hurst
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 440 KB

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