The Order of the Cursed by Lisa Morrow

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The Order of the Cursed

Perfect for fans of Eragon, this stand-alone, fantasy romance about a magical girl joining a secret order of witches is impossible to put down!

The witches only come for one thing: girls with magical abilities.
For many years, war and destruction darkened the lands of Tarak until a secret order of witches was formed. Now, the witches come to collect women with magic from the villages. But for what?
To be chosen is seen as a great honor by the townsfolks. And it’s all Rose has ever wanted.
That is, until the witches choose her. Everything Rose ever thought she’d known about the witches, and her family, was a lie. Taken to a place of magic and danger, Rose meets a handsome man who she’s fated to love. But her secrets put them both in danger.

The witches need her help to save her home and people. But the price of such a thing may cost Rose everyone and everything she loves. Will she make the right choice? Or will she lose it all? THE ORDER OF THE CURSED is a complete, stand-alone box set of all the books in The Order of the Cursed series. It’s perfect for fans of young adult fantasy looking for a splash of romance and a lot of adventure.

The Order of the Cursed: The Complete Collection by Lisa Morrow
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 478 KB

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