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The Other Boy by Amelia Legend

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The Other Boy Amelia Legend

“No one is left alive—until now.”
Inspector Rousseau and his team follow the trail of pedophiles hunting children within Canada. They have been tracking the same trafficking ring, following missing children, but never once have they found so much evidence in one location.
All because of one boy, Dillon. The boy who escaped. The boy who found his way home. The boy who has seen and experienced what no one should ever have to live through.
Leslie Richardson lost all hope of her son returning alive. All she can do is wait for answers and closure. But when her son, Dillon, finally returns to her, nothing is what it seems, leaving Leslie with more questions than answers.

Dillon is not the same boy who was taken seven years prior.
Investigating missing children is not for everyone, certainly not for those too naive to see the devil waiting within the shadows. No one wants to believe in the devil, not even when he’s looking right at you. People don’t want to see, don’t want to know the truth regarding human trafficking.
Evil is the only word to describe such an epidemic. Monstrous evil.
And that is the evil they are determined to hunt.

The Other Boy by Amelia Legend
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 647 KB

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