The Other Half of Me by Katherine Slee

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The Other Half of Me by Katherine Slee

She ran from her past, abandoned her dreams. But is it too late to start again?
Since the death of her big sister, Beth has felt lost, a shadow of her former self. It’s been years since she abandoned her youthful musical aspirations and settled for playing piano in a hotel bar; when she lost Lucy, she lost the one who was always there to encourage her, the one who stopped her from giving up on life entirely.

In her grief, Beth finds herself sinking deeper into the rut Lucy was forever trying to lift her out of. But then a posthumous gift from Lucy, a puzzle box, arrives weeks after the funeral, containing clues that Beth must follow to reopen long-closed doors to the past—including memories she’s been running from for years.

As she reluctantly follows the trail, rediscovering friendships she discarded on her downward spiral, Beth realises that she lost her way long before she lost Lucy. But is it too late to find her way back to the hopeful, trusting person she was before—and to finally start living the version of the future that Lucy always wanted for her?

The Other Half of Me by Katherine Slee
English | 2022 | General Fiction | 640 KB

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