The Other Woman by Jane Adams

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Marcie never wanted to feel this way about her grandfather. Uneasy, resentful, afraid. She’s always been his favourite, his Bird — the helpless little thing who stole his heart at birth.

Now he is dying and Marcie can’t stand to be around him. Day and night, he raves of Rebekkah, a raven-haired beauty who never leaves his side. She is not his wife. She is not the mother of his children.

She is not to be silenced. Is she a fragment of a dying man’s fevered imagination? Or something more? Marcie vows to help her grandfather pull the truth from his nightmares. But the deeper she digs the more she regrets her promise. Is she ready for the killer secret she’s about to expose?

The Other Woman by Jane Adams
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 718 KB

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