The Perfect Indiscretion by Blake Pierce

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The Perfect Indiscretion A Jessie Hunt Ps Blake Pierce

Blake Pierce is author of the bestselling RILEY PAGE mystery series, which includes fifteen books (and counting). Blake Pierce is also the author of the MACKENZIE WHITE mystery series, comprising twelve books (and counting); of the AVERY BLACK mystery series, comprising six books; of the KERI LOCKE mystery series, comprising five books; of the MAKING OF RILEY PAIGE mystery series, comprising three books (and counting); of the KATE WISE mystery series, comprising four books (and counting); of the CHLOE FINE psychological suspense mystery, comprising three books (and counting); and of the JESSE HUNT psychological suspense thriller series, comprising three books (and counting).

A wealthy husband is found murdered in the wake of his 50th birthday bash, a lavish affair that included a dozen couples, a private jet and a debaucherous night. Jessie is in over her head as she enters the world of ultra-wealth and peels back the sordid relationships between couples and friends. So many people, it seemed, wanted their host dead.

The Perfect Indiscretion by Blake Pierce (Jessie Hunt #18)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 269 KB

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