The Queen Trials by Penelope Wright

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The Queen Trials by Penelope Wright

What happens when The Hunger Games meets The Selection?
I never wanted to join the Queen Trials.
But I’m not a victim and never have been. When a peacekeeper attacks me in a mine shaft, I fight back and win.
Sort of. Because I made a mistake. I let him live.

He knows my name. He’ll come after me and he’ll kill the only person I love, my sweet, clueless brother Shellor. Nobody escapes from Locality Fourteen. There was only one way out that would protect us both: enter the Queen Trials and become a star.

Now, I’m plunged into a competition with dozens of gorgeous women from all over the kingdom. My fame shelters my brother. My beauty protects me. Or is it my luck? Every woman in the arena wants to capture King Ergondy’s attention, but he only has eyes for me. How long will it be before my luck runs out?
I never wanted to join The Queen Trials.
Now, I must win them.

The Queen Trials by Penelope Wright (The Queen Trials #1)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 378 KB

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